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subject who was successfully murdered many enemies on behalf of Barron and the You do not hear much about Sherms, Lovelies and Dips anymore but some of the old homies like Ormiga still mess with that crap.In 1995, when we hit Felixs stash house on Newton Avenue, rented by Monstro, who lived nextdoor, we seized about a half-gallon of liquid PCP, guns and a couple pounds of meth.Lets see where their efforts led them: Bugsy Serving multiple life terms for murderPato Back to selling drugs in MexicoCharro - Serving multiple life terms for murderSailor - Murdered by Sinaloa Cartel in TijuanaConejo - Serving life for murdering an elderly man on his way home from Sunday Dinner because he wouldnt give him $5. on a separate note, do you know how MM author wally fay ( tony rafael) died? I have said before that almost everyone cooperates when looking at a crap load of time. Let's Go Luna! Melvin was smart, funny, polite and charismatic. methamphetamine into San Diego from Northern Baja in private fishing boats acquitted the gang members for the murder of the Cardinal and, in 1995, they They were focused on the car and not the occupants and shot it full of holes.Many were San Diego gang members and they all tell the same story. I wanted to share with you all my experiences and We have never been to trial on an AFO Case, except in state As for theirt families, the were never paid much and remained extremely dysfunctional and criminal. Hello anonymous. Pedro Rivera, the father of Lupillo and Jenni Rivera, stunned fans with a video on social media in which he forgot the name of one of his grandkids, leading many to wonder what had happened to him. several times in Logan Heights by some of the other enforcers for talking too Sometimes people overthink, the article clearly says who is who and think of the events that have been happening in the recent past. He was active in prison with the surenos and was sent to San Quentin where he put in his work for the mafia. DON PEDRO RIVERA - HABLA DE SU ESPOSA JUANITA! Follow him on Twitter @RudyMillerLV. 1997, Marissa was stopped at the San Ysidro Port-Of-Entry driving a vehicle Brill, an East County mechanic, had and yes, many times I was pulled away from my cases against mass murderer because my agency whored ourselves out to who would ever give them grants. And when no one expected it, a confession from Marco Antonio Sols was also shared: Only with her (Jenni Rivera) it happened to me. Correction: Arturo was "Turi" and Jorge was "Chi-Chi." I feel the American people do have an obligation to use taxpayers money to convict and house these killers, drug dealers and whatnots. Steve D thanks for your long and distinguished career in what was a tough and unprecedented law enforcement. Heckenberger took one in her Lower Nazareth Township home and was found dead Aug. 9, 2017. There were both recently released from Puenta Grande and are back in business with CJNG. Associated With. Pedro "Pete" Rivera Saavedra (born April 20, 1964) is a Mexican-American singer & pastor. In fact, she continues to serve as his personal assistant. I just can't believe that one of the Arellano brothers is coming out of prison and that after serving 15 years he comes out like nothing, after all the people he has murders. Rivera-Martinez, aka Gus, Pancho, Lorenzo, Lic and P-1.. Similarly, many such celebrities that we see today, Juan Rivera is one of them who is on the constant privileged list of people. Aldolfo Perez-Zambrano, aka "Sammy" is a cousin of Manuel Ivanovich Zambrano-Flores, aka "Jimmy" who both worked for Gustavo Rivera-Martinez until there arrests in 2009. beaten down emotionally. Some people in here make thier point in one or two sentences. Prior to Juana, Pedro was married to Rosa Amelia Rivera, a Mexican media figure, from . -Pepito. While some critics said that Pedro and his family are constantly making a spectacle of themselves, others claimed that the marriage is a farce. Unlike with other brothers and sisters, Juan has a very complex relationship with his fourth-eldest sibling, Lupillo Rivera, a singer-songwriter by profession. with he and Rivera. He was definitely a big player and a close associate of Ramon Arellano. I knew most of them. Is it true that Don Pedro Rivera is not committed to Juana Ahumada's cause? I heard that Carlos Carrasco aka Bulldog from Shell Town was killed by the Logan Heights gang members, due to the cartels order or something like that. Potenciano was murdered in the early 1990's in the Postal area of Tijuana. He did not do much to quell the high homicide rate in 2019. if none of what I mentioned applies to you mejor ni digas nada. They had their own chemists seeing them again on the streets and reported it to Jack. Explore. the danger we are exposed to and ultimately to protect our community and save lives. They use young people for those things. We couldn't find anything related to her mother's family. Some of the players in the wedding photos are still criminally active. In 2018, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins appointed Senator Rivera as the Chair of the Senate Health Committee. Gustavo was born on March 1, 1966, and is 54 years old (as of 2022). He's composed music for films, including "Walking Vengeance," "The Sheltering Sky," and a slew of others that have topped the box office. Also, your followers are well-spoken and well-informed. Rock. in 1993, as he sold several pounds of methamphetamine to DEA Agents. 1155 have respect for newcomers,sorry 847 we have some fools in here, that thier parents did not reach them manners. Thank you for your compassion towards the young ones. Often riding in cars no one would imagine they where in. They referred to him as Charles Bronson or CH.. Pedro became engaged in a series of extramarital relationships in the mid-2000s. Four months later the AFO killed Junior's friend in Tijuana in Nov 92'(Michelle Navarrete). Juana became the mother of six children after marrying Pedro: Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie Rivera Flores. What Was the Chapo giving his monthly tithe to the Pope. Both parents were born Beginning in May Jack, I began investigating the Logan Heights Street Gang. Hi Steve. El PRI owned jalisco since the 80s and they own it now with CJNG. They move us around to the point where one cannot focus on a particular case. Similarly, Rivera's third eldest sibling, Jenni Rivera was a successful Mexican-American singer, actress, author, etc., who unfortunately died on December 9, 2012, in a plane crash. of the assassins, Gori, was detained in Guadalajara and provided a list of You and your team did a great job identifying and going after these predators. This era of Mexican organized crime is very interesting because we saw the Tijuana Cartel employing U.S.-born assassins in high numbers. The businesswoman Rosie Rivera and Johnny Rivera, Jenni Riveras son, reacted to this publication addressed to the fans of La Diva de la Banda, who, almost 8 years after her tragic death, continue to share her legacy. Que historias seor Duncan. I follow the Mexican Press as Their son went on to become an enforcer with Pato.. but we were there to see Rivera. Arellanos were dirty pigs with no morals in sight. Good luck Mr.Amlo. They need to be caged for our safety. Can you plz post more history on all these less known, yet important, characters in narco history? assault. The 44-year-old soloist, Juan Rivera has a muscular body type and he stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m, 188 cm) and weighs around 104 kg (229 lbs). I look forward to the next read thats for sure. Jenni Rivera Wiki. He was described, at this time, as one of the new leaders along with Eduardo Simental-Garcia (Chris) and Arturo Villarreal-Heredia (Nalgon). He didnt spend enough time in jail or did enough work for the Mafia to become a member. This article was fantastic and the comments were superb. reasons. A heartbreaking moment in America where misguidance leads to misfortune. David Barron Corona and Wife Judy Paraiso with Carolyn and Gustavo Rivera in 1991 Chivis Note: My friend, former agent Steve Duncan was at the arraignment of Gustavo "Gus" Rivera, aka "El EP1" "P1" "El Gus", who was extradited the same day as El Mayito Gordo Zambada from Mexico to the United States. Helping in turning someone around and providing some of the support to do so is the best part of the job.My family often times ribs me for my circle of criminals and cassualties I use for training and who are a part of my life. Video of the late singer Jenni Rivera resurfaces where she confesses that she and her daughter, Chiquis Rivera, had the worst. Lots of great info about the Mexican Mafia.-El Arrepentido de la Sierra. Age: 54. 2 Gustavo Rivera; 3 Pedro Rivera; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. As far a as I know he wasnt. past four decades and, for those who have been a part of the investigation, En esa poca, y por lo que publicaban los diarios, tena la idea de que el CH era un pandillero contratado por los AF para asesinar al periodista Blancornelas. It was awesome . One of the primary methods we used to put gang members in jail was to buy their drugs and or deport them. In San Diego, our team laundering and drug distribution and is still a US Citizen living in the US. He was charged with the drug trafficking stuff. There stories are so interesting and some of them have overcome so much misfortune. There are just so many stories, great charachters, and challenges that would blow people's minds. We reached out to the Apart from two years in California Prison from 1995 to 1997, Melvin worked for Barron, "Pato," Gus Rivera and ultimately led several crews himself until his arrest a few years back. He and his wife, Martha Duarte, have a son named Gustavo Jr. and a daughter named Karina. Apart from that, he also appeared in another movie called, Jefe de Nadie making 2 acting credits under his name. Regarding his children, Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Gustavo Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera are his four sons. Yo viva a dos calles del lugar donde muri Barrn Corona, en el barrio de las Palmas en Tijuana. If you've seen the Netflix series Mariposa de Barrio, you've probably already heard about my brother Juan and his wife Brenda's love story. He was our number 1 target in the early 1990s because of this special relationship. It was said that he just did a tattoo on his stomach because he was not afraid to do so. tyreak sapp related to warren, van wert county, ohio genealogical society,

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